5 Ways To Be Creative With Real Estate Video

Jul 22, 2018 — 5 Minute Read

Technology is ever changing; from the power of social media, to the equipment and software readily available to us to convey our message creatively when shooting video for real estate. Consequently, agents must continuously improve their real estate video marketing strategies to speak to the influx of in market buyers (as well as sellers).

Recently, two types of buyers have started to become prominent in the real estate market – the first being newly married millennials ready to start their families, and the second being the growing number of baby boomers looking to downsize their current homes.

Make sure you understand how to engage these demographics to bring maximum effort to your real estate video marketing.

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Here are some tips on how to produce high-quality and captivating real estate videos that will attract the attention of your audience:

1.) Bring Things to Life In Your Real Estate Video

Features such as elegant faucets, crackling flames in the fireplace, or smart home technology tend to be great additional selling points, and are impactful when shown in action.

2.) Use The Right Music

It’s essential to have the appropriate upbeat music that gets the viewer excited about being guided through the home. This will help keep the potential buyer’s interest while the video transitions between rooms, and the exterior to interior.

3.) Tell A Story

By weaving a story throughout the video, it will make the potential buyer feel like they are there in the moment. Choosing 3-5 main features of the property to focus can help entice the viewer into wanting to see more. It also helps showcase the features from different angles which is imperative to highlighting the property.

4.) Utilize High-Quality Aerial Video

As obvious as it may seem, having aerial footage of your property is a major advantage when producing a video for your real estate listing. Not only does it allow the viewer to have a bird’s eye perspective, but it also provides the viewer with a sense of luxury.

That is why high volume agents utilize aerials 3.5x more often than low volume agents – there’s a reason they are high volume..

5.) Include People

Including people in the video brings a human element that the viewer can relate to. Not only does it set the scene for the viewer, but allows the viewer to easily imagine special moments such as hosting a party in the backyard with Dad on the grille, and kids playing in the pool.


Having an engaging real estate video is one of the most important investments you can make when marketing a listing, which is why having the ability to be creative can break through the noise of the market.

Not only can you use your video to promote your listing, but you can share it across your social media platforms, as well as add it to your website.

This allows potential sellers and buyers alike to see the cutting edge technology and media being used by you and your agency.

Stayed tuned for our next blog with more helpful tips and information!