Real Estate Branding Videos

High-Quality Agent Profile Videos

Whether you are introducing yourself as a new agent in the area, starting your own team, or really want to get the word out their about your real estate agency, look no further than an agent profile video.

Promote Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

Enhance your social media presence with new video content that will captivate casual real estate shoppers and sellers instantly. Luxe Life Productions has plenty of experience tailoring our unique agent profile videos to promote through various social media platforms. Have a unique property? Take advantage of it and create a personal branded video showcasing the home but also promote yourself. Our real estate branded videos are perfect for a sponsored Facebook post or adding clips to your Instagram story to get the word out. Highlight the top-of-the-line video and marketing tactics you use with each and every listing! Leave it to our real estate video company near Boston, MA, to assist with building your personal brand as a real estate agent.

3 Reasons To Build An Agent Profile Video


By producing an engaging video of your daily routine, you can promote yourself utilizing all the internet has to offer. From Facebook sponsored posts to Instagram stories, put your best foot forward to get in front of more potential clients.


If a potential client sees the quality video we produce for you, they’ll know right from the start that you are a pro and have creative ways of marketing yourself as well as their home for sale. It’ll speak for itself that you use the latest and greatest tech to reach a sale.


With the emergence of social media and increase in real estate agents, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. By creating an agent profile video, you will be able to show your day-to-day and add personalization to your pitch to potential sellers.

Get Your Agent Profile Video Today!

If you are ready to create a personal video that you can promote and start building your brand as a real estate agent, get in touch with us today – we’d love to chat!