Lifestyle + Brand Centric Videos & Photography

Bring Your Luxury Services to New Levels

The emergence of social media over the past few years has become crucial for businesses in all industries. You don’t have to break the bank anymore to advertise marketing videos to your target markets. Luxe Life Productions specializes in creating lifestyle or brand centric video content that adds an extra element of visuals to your website and social media platforms. We’ll work with you to showcase your business with footage of your services in action through creative video content, encompassing all aspects of what you offer. If you are an insurance agent, mortgage broker or even own a cool yoga studio or spa, we will build an attractive video and photography to promote your business. Learn more about the various options available to you today.

Types of Lifestyle + Brand Videos


Generally between 1-2 minutes, brand explainer videos capture the most important aspects of your business. Think of it as your intro video to potential clients interested in your services.


Usually running between 15-seconds to 1 minute, social media video is an excellent way to continuously get in front of an audience utilizing your following and social channels.


There isn’t a better way to boast about your business than a testimonial video. In 1-2 minutes, tell a meaningful story about a satisfied customer that previously conducted business with you.

Start Enhancing Your Brand Today!

Everyone knows how social media is so important to businesses nowadays. We will create an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle video for you to promote and utilize across all your social media profiles.