6 Common Photography Mistakes Made By Real Estate Agents

Apr 07, 2019 — 4 Minute Read

When photographing a home or property, real estate agents have a lot to consider. Agents make photography mistakes for a number of reasons, but mainly because they are determined to do their real estate photography themselves.

In reality, there’s so much that goes into real estate photography— especially when it comes to some of the local, extravagant properties, and beautiful New England homes.

New Construction Photography Andover MA

We put together a list of some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen real estate agents make when photographing their properties by themselves. If you make some of these mistakes, don’t worry. We’re here to help you recognize how you can improve!

1.) Using Light Incorrectly

Agents often confuse how to utilize the light in a room. Natural light is key. Don’t be afraid of windows and doors. You may want to travel with additional lights for brightening certain areas if need be.

2.) Trying to Capture Too Much in One Photo

Focus on a few elements of the home at a time. Real estate agents will commonly try to capture too much in one photo, leaving the frame with no real subject or center. Break it down by rooms, and elements of each room.

3.) Shooting With the Incorrect Lenses

An iPhone camera can only do so much. The real estate industry requires wide angled lenses, and our phone cameras do not have the necessary capabilities. Agents need to capture the full span of the room, and a wide angle lens does just that. A 16-35 mm lens is recommended for wide angles, but there are a variety of choices. Check out this article to read about the best full frame lenses for real estate photography.

4.) Not Prepping the Home Correctly

You can’t do everything, and your client will need to prep the home for the photoshoot. Be sure all blinds are closed, shutters are facing the right direction, curtains are steamed, rugs are vacuumed, the house is decluttered, and everything is clean. Double and triple check that the home is on point.

5.) Underestimating the Power of Drone Technology

Agents who don’t use drone technology simply don’t use it because they are not yet aware of the power behind drone photography and video. A home is a fabricated, elegant, tall-standing work of art, and drones can capture this architectural magic with high-resolution videography. An aerial video of your exterior can put the home in perspective like no other. See the home, the surrounding area, and all that the exterior has to offer in a way in which we never get to view properties. 

6.) Not Giving the Professionals a Chance

Professional real estate photography gives your business the first impression of a trusted and responsible real estate agency. It’s necessary for real estate agents to ask for help from professionals — you can’t do everything alone. Your expertise is selling real estate, and the photographer’s expertise is real estate photography. Let the photographer do their part, so the photos and your listing will then align, allowing you to deliver a concise listing to potential buyers.

If you take anything away from this blog, you should remember that real estate agents can’t do it all alone. It’s necessary to reach out and ask for help, as the market depends on it! Luxe Life Productions