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Why Partner With Us?

We are a group of fun, laid-back content creators that provide stellar videography, photography, and marketing ideas. We know that realtors like you are challenged every day to sell your properties quickly and to stand out in a crowded marketplace, all while marketing yourself at the same time. In order to do it all, you need to invest in a real estate marketing partner that will help you achieve the unique edge you crave! 

Matt Ortins

The Director

Matt has expansive knowledge of the real estate business since becoming a real estate investor & videographer. He has a deep understanding & knowledge of aerial videography, photography, and video productions.

He is a fully insured, FAA Certified Part 107 SUAS Remote Pilot serving the Greater Boston area.

Matt Ortins - Real Estate Photographer

Matt Cronin

The Camera Guru

Matt brings a strong, creative eye to the Luxe Life team with his wealth of camera knowledge and video expertise. He specializes in videography, the latest tech trends for camera gear & media, and capturing stunning, unique details in all the listings he shoots.

Jake Poirier

Director, Operations / Customer Success

Jake, our Director of Operations and Customer Success, brings four years of company expertise, having initially served as a photographer. Now dedicated to ensuring seamless client experiences, his goal is to guarantee exceptional service and operational excellence.

Joe Lopez


Joey is an invaluable asset to our photography team, bringing three years of dedicated expertise to our company. His keen eye for detail and passion for capturing moments have elevated our visual storytelling. Beyond his professional contributions, Joey is a talented wedding photographer, infusing his artistic flair and commitment to perfection into every cherished moment he captures.

Todd Bricklemyer


With years of real estate photography experience, Todd makes a great addition to our team. He brings his love of gear and knack for creative problem solving to the table to offer a complete experience for our clients.

Torb Zwirner

Video Editor

A seasoned video editor specializing in real estate content, with a mastery of color grading and audio engineering. Torb will elevate your property marketing with a creative touch that breathes life into the content captured by our team, ensuring it will captivate your audience.

Ray St. Amand

Marketing Manager

Working as a digital advisor for a variety of architects, general contractors, and luxury automotive dealerships such as BMW, Audi, and Lexus, Raymond developed a deep understanding of the luxury buyer. He adds an expertise in Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and the “luxury experience” to bring new marketing ideas to Luxe Life Productions.

Raymond St. Amand - Digital Marketing

Hear What REALTOR® Josh Frappier Has To Say..

“I’ve been using Luxe Life Productions since I started in this business because I saw that they had such a great product and such a great service. I literally use them for every single listing I do”

Our Mission Statement.

Luxe Life Productions is committed to providing its clients with an array of high quality videography, photography and social media marketing to accentuate the positive qualities of a property in order to maximize its desirability to potential buyers. This is accomplished by listening closely to a client’s ideas and aspirations and then applying our experience and state of the art equipment to make it happen. We understand the significance of real estate transactions to sellers and to agents. Because of this, we strive to provide a product of the highest quality that is delivered in a timely manner. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.


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