7 Essential Marketing Videos Every Real Estate Agent Should Create

Nov 16, 2022 — 4 Minute Read

7 essential marketing videos for real estate agents

Were you aware real estate listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than those that don’t have videos? Want to get your real estate company rolling? Video marketing is the way to go!

We’ve seen agents start utilizing video with their first listing and never looked back! Not only does it help market the property, if you are in the video it helps build your brand. Sellers will be impressed by your high-quality content, they’ll have no choice but to hire you.

At Luxe Life Productions, we want to help you create the best business you can. Here’s a helpful list of real estate marketing video ideas for you to include on your website and in your marketing efforts!


1.) Client Testimonial Videos

One of the best ways to build and expand your client base is through referrals. Include videos of testimonials on your website to make it easy for prospective buyers or sellers to see how amazing it is working with you.

First, you’ll need to reach out to clients that you have helped in the past. Ask them if they’re willing to submit an interview video as a favor to you. You can also offer incentives, like gift cards. One of our best suggestions is to politely request to film a testimonial video of them before or after an open house or closing.

2.) Homepage Header Video

This is the simplest video you can add to your website that instantly catches a user’s eye when visiting your website. They can just be b-roll of past listing videos you’ve done, footage of landmarks in towns that you serve, or even you and your team!

Typically, you want to keep the video to 15-30 seconds max. The longer the video, the larger the file is and you don’t want to slow down your website.

3.) Informational Videos

Clients want high value in a real estate agent. A helpful, knowledgeable agent who shares their expertise is more valuable than one that makes a couple social media graphic posts. A great way to boost your value is by providing informational videos on your website. This might involve you addressing any common real estate topics or answering frequently asked questions such as “What’s the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification?” You can easily utilize these videos across your website, in email, follow up with clients, and so much more.

By doing this, you will build credibility and create a reputation for yourself as a good source of information.

4.) Community Videos

When potential clients are searching for a place to live, they don’t just look at the house itself. They also want to know about the town or city. Help them narrow down their search by giving them information and reviews of local businesses, school systems, and more. This includes restaurants, coffee shops, antique shops, boutiques, nature areas, and more.

By providing this info, you’re not only gaining credibility with potential clients, but you’re also gaining credibility with the local business owners. Both of these will help you expand and strengthen your customer base!

5.) Listing Videos

People love to save time and effort. They appreciate when you can provide them with convenience. Listing videos should highlight unique and appealing aspects of the property. They should spark interest and show off the property in the best possible way.

By showcasing listings through online videos, you can gain client credibility and create interest in homes. Clients can fall in love with a property before they even schedule a showing!

6.) Agent Profile Videos

Potential clients want to know who they will be working with. A great way to allow clients a way to get to know you better is to provide a more detailed agent profile video on your website. This gives people the opportunity to actually see you and get to know you better. You’ll gain the benefits of a personal connection with your clients.

Video is and always will be a vital piece in your marketing arsenal. Year after year agents have been finding new ways to utilize video – so don’t fall behind!

7.) Website Welcome Videos

Putting a face to the name is essential in starting to develop a relationship with a potential seller or buyer. Let them get to know you as soon as they hit your website. There are many ways to utilize this type of video:

Now I am sure you are asking yourself “I want to start, but not sure which one to do first”. That’s where we come in! Schedule a Video Discovery call to discuss your video project ideas and we’ll work our magic! We can efficiently shoot footage in a day or two that we can utilize in multiple videos for you to use.