How Drone Photography & Videography Is Taking Over Real Estate

Jun 05, 2019 — 5 Minute Read

Whirring stills, swooping imagery, multiple angles, panning shots, diving (soaring?) hundreds of feet in the air, right down into the yard of a beautiful property. Some say it’s magic combined with a camera. Others aren’t able to say much – jaws dropped in disbelief of the ever-promising final visual products. 

In 2018, real estate marketing has posed more challenges for real estate agents than ever before. With so much technology, it can be tough to recognize which channels to invest in. We all know it’s a must to hire a professional real estate photographer, but not including drone photography in your marketing efforts is a crucial mistake. Drone photography is making a comfortable home for itself in the real estate industry.

How? Stunning aerial video & photography, and lifestyle videos with intricate drone shots. It’s making it easier than ever before for real estate agents to market beautiful properties.

Drone photography is the only channel that allows the natural beauty of these estates to shine through in such a way. Drones are able to capture the true being of each property, from architecture to ambiance. Let’s take a closer look at how you can be utilizing this hot commodity.

So How is Drone Video & Photography Really Taking Over in Real Estate?

Let’s check out a recent drone video produced by Luxe Life Productions as an example. The video flows elegantly throughout this residence tucked away in a beautiful neighborhood. Utilizing sweeping aerial shots and pans of the exterior location of the home, an agent is able to present everything they need to showcase this property.


The introductory shots of the property truly finesse the beautiful woods and surrounding areas of the property. When real estate agents have a gorgeous home on their hands and they want to highlight the attractive surrounding areas and properties alike, aerial real estate video production is the perfect way to do so. Aerial, high-resolution videography of the property grounds gives you full control of the buyer’s focal point. This allows real estate agents to bring the buyer’s attention directly to that beautiful ocean view, the backyard and back deck, or the well-manicured lawn and landscaping.

Following the video, you can find some amazing aerial photography of this property, beautifully capturing a home designed for today’s modern lifestyle. Do you see how the photographer is able to highlight all features of the properties exterior? From the home’s beautiful entryways, spacious yards, and all the details, the viewer sees everything.

How Drones Are Helping Agents Market Better

This gives the real estate agent drone footage and real-life imagery to match the written description of the property. Drone photography & video has been changing the way buyers view and tour real estate properties, allowing them to view all new angles of properties as well as how close the property is in proximity to surrounding amenities. Show of that huge, fenced in backyard, or the short walk to the beach with drone photography and videography . (Want to see more drone photography videos produced by Luxe Life for examples and reference? Check out their full portfolio here.)

With a platform that allows real estate agents to showcase exactly what they desire, aerial videography is being proven successful in more facets than one. Beyond bringing a home’s exterior to life, drone technology has the ability to reduce the amount of dissatisfied, in-market buyers and increase the number of more interested buyers. People who view these videos multiple times are beyond interested by the time they’re contacting the real estate agent, and agents experience fewer buyers who are “on the fence” or “just inquiring.”

With an aerial video & photos, you’re automatically increasing the efficiency of site selection for your buyers. Because of this, it’s become such a powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry.

Drone Photography Near Boston, MA

What’s the Future of Drone Video & Photography for Real Estate?

With the unmatched, high-resolution shots from the birds-eye-view, combined with the increase in the need to have beautiful photos on multiple third-party sites, it’s evident how drone technology is here to stay. When you work with a proven real estate media productions team, this makes things even easier.

This is only the beginning for drone technology! Are you using this recently adopted marketing tactic to your advantage? It’s time to board the plane of drone photography, spread your wings, and utilize the gifts of aviation. Let Luxe Life Productions be your pilot.

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