Why Professional Real Estate Photography is a Must

Sep 10, 2018 — 4 Minute Read

Photography has always been an important and powerful marketing tool. And, as businesses and marketing move further into the digital world, having high-quality, attractive real estate photography for your listings is more essential than ever.

According to HS Media, an estimated 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for properties. The first thing that potential home buyers look for are photos of the home, not a bunch of descriptive text. That means their first impression of a listing lies in the quality of the photos. Providing great photography is one of the best ways to make your listings pop!

Your website might have the best written content and the highest-functioning infrastructure around but without great property photography, it will inevitably fall flat. Here are just a few reasons why real estate agents should seriously consider professional photography for their online listings.

Professional Real Estate Photography In Boston, MAProfessional Photography = Higher Price Points

When selling a home—whether you’re the homeowner or the real estate agent—you want to sell it at the highest price possible. Professionally-taken and well-edited property photos will help you do just that! Research shows that properties listed using professional photography end up selling for a higher price than those that don’t.

The idea of saving money by taking the property photos yourself might be a cheaper alternative initially, but you’ll likely be losing out on money in the end.

Professional Photography Gets Noticed

Well-done photos are far more eye-catching. That means more people will click on your listings from social media, MLS, and your website. The more traffic a listing receives, the more likely it’ll sell quickly. In other words, high-quality photos open up a bigger pool of buyers and can help your properties sell like hotcakes!

Professional Photography Results in a Faster Turnaround

Usually, homeowners want to get rid of their property as quickly as possible. Selling a home is stressful—it’s something that you want to get done with ASAP!  When a listing uses low-quality photos, potential buyers will likely look right past the post without giving the home another thought. Your seller will have to continue waiting for a buyer.

Professional real estate photography helps with the speed of a sale by sparking potential buyers’ interest right off the bat. That way, the sale turnaround is much quicker and the homeowner can put the home they are trying to sell behind them quickly and efficiently.

Professionally Done Photos Help Highlight the Unique Details of a Home

Professional photographers know better than anyone how to best highlight certain features of a home. If you use low-quality photos for a listing, you’re selling the home short and not giving it the credit it deserves through your photography.

Whether it be the detailed woodwork in a staircase or a brand new renovated bathroom, they must be presented at the right angle and the appropriate high quality cameras.

Gorgeous Waterfront View - Gloucester, MA Real Estate

Professional Photographers Understand Post-Production

Another great reason to hire a professional photographer when selling a home is post-production. Chances are, you don’t have the software or editing experience needed to create the best-looking images. Editing can brighten up photos and make a space look beautiful and true to life. On the other hand, low-quality or unedited photos can make a space appear smaller, dingier, and less appealing.

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