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Luxury Apartment Video Tour and Photography in Haverhill MA

We often work with developments such as this to market a new property and capture it’s unique contribution to a community. For this property, our client’s needs included photography and a video tour including drone videography of a model unit. The client also required a video of the building’s grand opening which can be found below. At Luxe Life we aim to offer excellent customer service through all stages of your project, from conception through production and completion, and beyond!

Video Production

Ribbon Cutting Promotional Video in Haverhill MA

We offer more than just listing videos. We also specialize in commercial and promotional videos such as this. The client in this instance wanted to capture the historic opening of this groundbreaking property. In attendance were many local icons such as the Mayor of Haverhill and former Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Brand Videos

Twilight Photo Shoot

With a property such as this one, not doing a twilight photo shoot would be a sin! With the views from this unit, show potential buyers what it’s like to live at your property at different times of day.

Twilight Photography