How To Prep Your Listing For Photos

You Booked Your First Photo Appointment With Us, Now What?

  1. Prepare the exterior of the property
  2. Prepare the interior of the property

How to prepare the exterior of the house for Real Estate Photography

  • Park vehicles away from property
  • Ensure driveway and street in front of house are clear
  • Remove trash/recycling receptacles
  • Hide hoses, toys and clutter from lawn
  • Arrange patio furniture
  • Pools are clear and free of debris
  • All umbrellas open
  • Autumn: driveways and decks are free from leaves
  • Fresh mulch, power washed exterior/driveway/sidewalk


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How to prepare the interior of the house for Real Estate Photography

Overall Preparation

  • Turn all lights on and to maximum brightness
  • All fan blades off
  • All window treatments open and pulled back
  • Pets are stored in a dedicated room for the duration of the shoot
  • Rooms are free from clutter and unnecessary furniture
  • Pet food bowls / toys / crates are stored out of sight


  • Turn all under cabinet / accessory / and over sink lights on
  • Hide trash receptacles
  • Remove as much as possible from counters
  • Remove floor mats and towels
  • Remove soap, sponges and paper towels


  • Remove toiletries from all vanities and showers
  • Toilet seats down
  • Remove toilet brushes, plungers, scales, hampers, and trash receptacles
  • Remove rugs